Legal Shipping Restrictions

We can ship legally to many states. HOWEVER, if you live outside of Texas, we can ONLY SHIP through a Company that has all the permits and paperwork necessary to ship across state lines. If you order through the Texas Map and it is for out of state, we must cancel your order. This results in delays and credit card surcharges for both of us. Please order per your state. Texans on the LEFT and all others on the RIGHT. Thanks!

  • Texas Resident ONLY Shipments

    Red Road Vineyard is within Texas so we can ship within our state boundaries. Order Wines below.

    Texas Residents ONLY 
  • Non-Texas Resident Shipments

    We've partnered with a US Wine Shipping company that allows us to ship our wine to 30+ states. They handle all the necessary permits for us.

    Non-Texas Resident Purchasers